Almost like Magic

Switching between keyboard and mouse costs you on average 3 seconds of your life. Every single time. Getting lost in statusbar menus is even more frustrating and time consuming. That's why iCMD makes your life more convenient by bringing every action in the status bar directly to your fingertips via spotlight-esque fuzzy search.

Special support for many languages

  • Arabic








    Any Language*

* Every language works for the spotlight feature, while the jump label feature has predefined Charactersets for above languages, but you can set custom Characters from any language like Korean, Japanese, Chinese. Localizations are currently in beta and mostly available for the above languages. Localizing for all languages is in progress.

Blazing fast

Even more magical are label jumps, which allow you to control your Mac entirely via keyboard: Just press the shortcut and every actionable element of the active application is labeled with an identifier like "AB", you type in the characters of the label you want to click on and voila - it's done. Works in every native App like: Apple TV, Final Cut Pro, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Finder.

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